This year was our last year producing chickens for meat. We produced Kosher King meat chickens, a slow growing, foraging, active bird that grows just a tad slower and has a slightly different taste. Don't let the name fool you, these birds have not been blessed by a Rabbi. They are sometimes referred to as barred silver meat birds to ease confusion. 

All birds are free ranged out on pasture with bottomless, moveable cages called chicken tractors, for shelters.  These tractors are moved every day allowing the birds to forage on fresh grass and bugs, and not have to sit on their own feces.  By the end of the summer you can see bright green trails of happy grass where the chickens have been.

Chickens are processed here at the farm, by us, in our state inspected processing facility. 

We currently stock frozen whole kosher king chickens from May until October. Fresh chickens are available on processing days so please call for details. 

Help us bring farm to table full circle in a new teaching kitchen.

2015 FARM Camp
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