The farm is home to an expanding herd of 20 breeding cows. The breeds we have chosen are Galloways, both belted and white and American British White Parks. All breeds are well suited for our grass based system, harsh winters and hot summers. It is our goal to have a closed herd--meaning no animals are brought in from other farms--and hope our 20 cows will provide us with 20 healthy calves.

Cows take on average 18-24 months to reach market weight so at any time we will have between 40 and 60 cows and calves on the farm.

All our cows are completely grass fed- grazing on our lush pastures all summer and fall and eating hay harvested from our fields and other nearby fields all winter and spring. Our cows live a stress free life happily frolicking and grazing the way a cow should. 



About the breeds

Galloways: A shaggy- haired, hornless breed from the Galloway region of Scotland. Generally they are gentle and mild mannered and do very well in managed grazing settings and can even excel on low quality forage. Research has shown that the Galloway's thick coat reduces their winter feed needs by 25%. The white and belted galloway are genetically different and considered different breeds. 


American-British White Parks: This breed has a muscular appearance and they rarely have horns. They are traditionally white with black on the ears, nose and eyes, some of ours are overly marked and have large black patches over their bodies. They are recognized for producing USDA choice meat. They are great mothers and easy calvers with calm dispositions. 


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