MLK Day of Service


MLK Day of Service, 9 am-noon, Monday, January 21.

Flock to The FARM to help with morning chores and farm projects starting at 9 am on Monday, January 21. 

Sign up at our new fun Volunteer Sign up page  or just show up! 


This year we've got a special task:  Operation Liberate the Back 40!


The "Back 40" on a farm is the place where all the good, recylable, reusable pieces and parts go to await their next best use on a farm.  Over time the Back 40 can get a little crowded.  Come help us sort the trash from the treasure and make space for that next great farm project.  Who knows?  You might walk away with just what you need.

Help us bring farm to table full circle in a new teaching kitchen.

2015 FARM Camp
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