The farm is home to a flock of 30 breeding ewes and 2 rams.  We have chosen Cotswold sheep as well as 2 Cheviot sheep from the Whiting farm in West Tisbury.  Cotswold's are a very old heritage breed and do well in our area and climate.  Their wool is a little coarse, but long and excellent for hand spinning.

Cotswold sheep are known for their hardiness. They have dense coats of long, coarse, curly wool and can easily withstand cold, wind, and rain. For those whose memories extend back to pre-polar-fleece days, wool was the fabric that kept you warm when it was wet. Cotswolds can forage for themselves and have a strong mothering instinct, ensuring a high survival rate for their lambs. Our sheep are bred once a year in July and lamb in January.  

Our lamb is 100% grass-fed and mouth-wateringly delicious. Each year we have between 20 and 50 lambs ready for market in the fall.

Each fall will we have a small number of gorgeous, long wooled pelts in white, silver and black. When we have them available, they will be in our " Farm Products" page.

Help us bring farm to table full circle in a new teaching kitchen.

2015 FARM Camp
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