The farm raises around 150 turkeys each year for the Thanksgiving holiday.  We currently raise only heritage breeds including  Black Spanish, White Holland  and Standard Bronze. What we raise depends on what is available from the hatchery.  Heritage turkeys are great foragers and are extremely simple to raise.  Chicks arrive in March and will be between 10 and 25 pounds by late October.  

They are raised in moveable electric fencing (which often does not even need to be turned on) and rotated through our pastures after the cows, goats and sheep.  With just a large roof as shelter the turkeys thrive in our sometimes harsh climate.

In order our for a turkeys to be considered "heritage" three criteria must be met:  1)  They must be able to reproduce naturally 2)  They must be able to forage for their own food and 3)  They grow at a slower rate than commercially raised birds, taking about 28 weeks to come to maturity. We also find them to be very intelligent when it comes to sheltering themselves from inclement weather and predators. 

All turkeys are processed here at the farm, by us in our state inspected facility. Turkeys are generally sold frozen as we have limited refrigerator space but we are looking to be able to provide fresh birds. Giblets are also available.  

Sign up for one of these delicious birds by emailing julie@farminstitute.org or calling (508)627-7007.  Please specify preferred weight when ordering (5-10 lbs., 10-15 lbs., 15-20 lbs., 20+ lbs.).  We will do our best to get as close to your desired weight as possible.

Birds will be frozen.  Pick up is the week before Thanksgiving.  Please remember to allow 24 hours of thawing time per 5 lbs.

Help us bring farm to table full circle in a new teaching kitchen.

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